Teledent Dental Services provides staffing solutions and employment advice to applicants and dental offices in Southern Ontario (Canada). We match qualified, professional, highly-skilled dental professionals with offices looking to hire either temporary, contract, or permanent staff.

Teledent was founded in 2004. Teledent started out in Brampton and quickly grew to serve the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We now also work out of Hamilton and Niagara and place staff in dental offices across most of Southern Ontario.

Staff at Teledent have 50 years of experience working in dental offices in Ontario and we pride ourselves on the ability to understand the industry from the inside out.

Our business model is centred around trying to find the perfect match both for our offices and our applicants. We believe that there is a match for every applicant and every office. We pride ourselves on our screening process and our mission to ensure that when we place someone in a dental office that everyone is happy.

We advocate both for our applicants and the offices that hire us to search for temporary and permanent staff. We care about the law, equity-based hiring, and labour advocacy. We're a modern and progressive agency and we respond to the job market when we give advice to our applicants and offices. We have staff with extensive experience interpreting labour law including the Employment Standards Act and are happy to give advice on its implementation in the modern workplace to both applicants and offices.

We look forward to helping you to make an excellent employment match!

Terri Urbaniak
Temporary Placements

Terri started out as a dental assistant and has had roles in dental administration, hygiene coordination, treatment coordination, and office management. She started Teledent Dental Services in 2004 to provide staffing solutions for offices in the GTA.

For inquires about Temporary Placements please contact Terri directly at

Cameron Kroetsch BA, BEd, MA
Permanent and Contract Placements, Accounting, Legal, Education

Cameron is a labour relations professional who has a solid understanding of labour law and employment rights. He has an educational background in the humanities and experience both as an educator and a human resources professional. Cameron has also worked as a dental administrator (7 years). Cameron joined Teledent in 2016.

For inquiries about Permanent or Contract Placements please contact Cameron directly at